Cutting edge wester hats, boots, and appearal.

Headquarters Hats Fredericksburg TX.
"Where the pavement ends...and the West begins!"

Custom western hats, boots and appearal for men and ladies.Founded by Robert Waight in April of 1996, the little western fashion "tienda" in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg has pushed itself to the cutting edge of the fashion-forward industry of custom hats, boots, and other creative "cosas."

The "little train that could" was merely a young man's "dream" in the fall of 1995 when Robert struggled with the concept of an idea to create a retail environment full of a unique product like no other in the world. Most would call that "bold talk" for a young individual with no proven "ownership" track record in the western retail industry. But Mr. Waight's apprenticeship, while in college, with an Austin-based western store, along with his travels through Europe and a self-imposed "will to succeed" would allow him to transcend his ideas into a type of market the "modern consumer" has never seen before.

Directed towards no particular gender, Headquarters Hats prides itself not only on the ability to provide an intoxicating product but its genuine concern to fulfill each customer's desires that walks in the door or visits us online. A self-described artist, Mr. Waight, creates a "look" with each type of hat that lends itself to the customer's strengths at hand. Facial features (jaw structure), frame, and shoulder broadness are but a few of the physical traits that Robert juggles. He "positions" his customer with that unique individual look that will have them wearing "their" hat with confidence (like they know they look good in it), NOT with a "self-conscious" feeling about having something on their head.

A Headquarters' customer will experience a "burning" curiosity for "newly" designed styles by Robert of such name brand products as Lucchese boots, Stetson and Resistol hats, Jon Hart luggage, and the Stella Luna Concho beltline. The two have lent their imagination to create high-end, but yet affordable, wares that will distinguish their clientele from "any other."



Headquarters Hats
Custom Western Hat and Boot Designer
122 East Main Street
Fredericksburg, TX 78624



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